BCG launches its BCG Platinion subsidiary in Morocco

“North Africa is a critical element of BCG’s global, digital expansion plan; and ensuring that we have feet on the ground in the region is the first step in our commitment to bringing the latest technologies and solutions to the market.”


The Fintech Landscape of South Africa

Despite current economic challenges with some of them, the five nations do still represent large populations and emerging markets and opportunities.


Digital Transformation: A Necessary Disruption

A number of banks in the economy have branches although off late banks have reduced the reliance on these branches and are attempting to replace expensive branches with inexpensive technologies.


MFS AFrica moves into Sierra Leone

Remittances from abroad amount to more than half of annual household consumption in Sierra Leone and therefore play an important role in economic growth.


Firm Promotes Financial Inclusion

Richvest 360 investment is a platform that caters to everyone across all genders, age groups and purposes to serve and make life easier for them.