Mauritius Exits the grey list of the Financial Action Task Force

Appleby Mauritius in a concerted effort with the various regulators which included amongst others the Attorney General’s Office, The Financial Intelligence Unit, the Financial Services Commission and the Bank of Mauritius actively participated in fu


West Africa and the Eco Currency

Efforts by member states to strengthen domestic macroeconomic frameworks reduce the inordinate bureaucratic delays that severely constrain trade must be encouraged.


South Africa: Deductible home office expenses for 2021

The Income Tax Act, 58 of 1962 (Income Tax Act), sets out rigid requirements that must be met before employees can claim a tax deduction for home office expenses, and there will be no relaxation of these tax rules because of COVID-19.


The SARB’S policy proposals in respect of Open Banking

Open APIs do not involve the sharing of login credentials and are widely considered a more secure way of giving third-party providers access to customers’ financial information to enable the provision of enhanced services than screen scraping.


Credit Suisse fined US$200,664,504

Credit Suisse has also agreed with the FCA to forgive US$200 million of debt owed by the Republic of Mozambique as a result of these tainted loans.


Monetary Policy in Challenging Times

Monetary policy is very significant because it determines the growth of liquidity or money supply in the economy and its relation to the growth of production.


PwC: Tax Tribunal Rules against fair hearing

Analysing the provision in Tax Alert published on its website, PwC stated that the 50 per cent requirement to be paid of a yet to be determined tax liability inhibits the right to fair hearing and justice in addition to conflicting with an enabling law.